Our History


Willie Saul Plumbing was started in 1945 in Altamahaw, N.C.. Willie Saul, born December 25, 1916, had been working for Burlington Industries about 9 years, and for several years had been doing plumbing work at night for anyone in the community. As his plumbing business expanded, word got back to Burlington Industries. He was asked to make a choice between ceasing all plumbing work or turning in his resignation.

Willie began the business as a one man operation in 1945, and through his integrity to operate as God led him, grew the business to 14 plumbers, 5 office staff members and 12 service 

trucks. His first commitment was to serve God, then his family, and then the customer. He was a dedicated husband and father of 3 girls and 1 boy and enjoyed life. His main hobby was go-kart racing which he enjoyed until age 65.

Willie Saul Plumbing was incorporated in 1979 and the name was changed to Willie Saul and Son Plumbing, Inc. Willie remained the President and was actively involved with the business until he had a stroke in August 1991. He continued to oversee the business until his death in June 1996, at which time Leon became President and his wife Betty, Secretary/Treasurer.

Leon Saul, born October 8, 1954, began working for his dad after school and during the summer months at the age of 14. He graduated from Western Alamance High School in 1972 and immediately went to work for his father full-time. Leon graduated from Technical Institute of Alamance with an Associate Degree in Business Administration in 1974.

What was he best known for ?


His gentleness, his patience, his quiet humorous personality, and last but not least, not getting his bills out on time.